The Winter Athlete


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A Perfect gift for those who love the cold weather and winter activity

(be it sports, shoveling snow, or a snow ball fight!)

Roll out aches and pains with our black balls and relax with Yamuna's specialty bath salts!

Whether skiing, snow boarding or ice skating, the ankles, feet and legs get tired and stiff by the end of the day. A great soak to relax the muscles and bones is always welcome by the body and mind. Soak and relax and be ready with no aches and pains the next day.

To be more proactive, the Yamuna black balls can help free and tone the leg muscles and keep your hips, knees and ankles with maximum mobility and minimum impact.

Be smart this season and add Yamuna Body Sustainability concepts into your lifestyle to help you keep doing the activities you love and avoid the common breakdowns associated with them.

This kit includes: A pair of Yamuna® Black Balls, Yamuna® specialty bath salts (Relief to the Bone and Muscle Relaxer), and routines for rolling out your anterior and posterior calf and ankles.

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