La Paz, Baja CA Sur Mexico




Step away from your life and come explore your unique Body Logic. Go deep into your own body, learning how to navigate through your anatomy. Learn how each part of your body's structure should and can function. Through daily classes, experience the opening of restricted pathways. Learn how to free built up, contained energy making it available to you again!

During these 4 days Yamuna will conduct daily classes beginning at 7:30 am with activating your true power of breathing. All morning sessions are given personally by Yamuna.

In the afternoon private sessions are available with Yamuna's most experienced Yamuna® Body Logic, Yamuna® Table Treatment, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and Face practitioners.

This experience is open to everyone, however it is highly recommended to have some experience with the Yamuna works prior to attending. This event can also be used towards recertification credits for Yamuna® practitioners.


This secluded private resort was found by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés over 400 years ago. Family owned and operated Rancho Las Cruces was brought into the 20th century by Mexican President Abelardo L. Rodríguez and his wife, 1940s musical starlet Lucille Bremer. Multiple haciendas were built exclusively for Hollywood stars of the 1950s and enjoyed by dignitaries and royalty alike. In fact, a trunk from a Spanish king still resides in one of the rooms, a symbol of gratitude from the royal and a dedication to Rancho Las Cruces as a true Mexican treasure.

Today’s incarnation of Rancho Las Cruces brings Mexican colonial charm to the 21st century with a custom pool, Spanish-style courtyard with Mexican talavera tile, and your own seaside promenade overlooking the Marina Las Cruces. The amenities are plentiful including croquet, tennis, putting green, and par courseto, kayaking, Scuba diving, horseback riding, and spa services.  Rancho Las Cruces 10,000 acres and over 5 miles of private white sand beach is opened up to our guests.

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