The YAMUNA® Retreat at ANANDA® in the Himalayas


I am excited to announce this joint adventure merging all of the Yamuna work and the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. Both systems, though very different in approach, believe in the softening of the bones and soft tissue for health and longevity.

This will be a 10 day Retreat. On the first 2 days guests will see the Ayurvedic doctor and Yamuna or one of the Yamuna practitioners. Together a personalized program will be created based on your personal goals during the Retreat. The Ayurvedic treatments will begin during the first two days to begin to prepare you for the beginning of the Yamuna classes and treatments.This will include Ayurvedic treatments daily, a Yamuna private treatment daily, and the morning classes taught by Yamuna and the desired dietary goals you have and what we also suggest for you.

I am sure that the combination of the 2 works will take your healing and well being to a whole new level and I am excited about offering this.

Together, we will create your sustainable body away from life's distractions. 

This is the beginning of a great journey. Please join me in this life changing adventure. Call now to reserve your place.

Looking for to seeing you in India!