St Lucia

BODY SCHOOL BY YAMUNA: April 26-May 1, 2017


Join Yamuna for her first Body School taking place at The Body Holiday in St. Lucia and enjoy the sunshine, the golden sand and the Caribbean Sea!

Join Yamuna for her first Body Sustainability intensive in St. Lucia. Daily she will guide you through a deep exploration into your bodys logic using all the self healing education she has created. 

Step away from your life and come explore your unique Body Logic. Go deep into your own body, learning how to navigate through your anatomy. Learn how each part of your body's structure should and can function. Through daily classes, experience the opening of restricted pathways. Learn how to free built up, contained energy making it available to you again! 

During these 4 days Yamuna will conduct daily classes beginning with activating your true power of breathing. All morning sessions are given personally by Yamuna. 

In the afternoon private sessions are available with Yamuna's most experienced Yamuna® Body Logic, Yamuna® Table Treatment, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and Face practitioners.

It is highly recommended to book these prior to the date we begin because they will book quickly. These can be booked through the Yamuna® headquarters. The fee is $200 per session. If booked during the session the price will be $250.

This experience is open to everyone, however it is highly recommended to have some experience with the Yamuna works prior to attending.

Product Requirements: Each participant will need to bring a set of Yamuna® products, including the gold or silver ball (or both) and black balls, foot savers and foot Wakers, and pump. Note: If you prefer the pearl ball you can bring this one instead of the gold ball. 
If you need to arrange for product please contact Joann at and mention you will be attending the Yamuna® Body School for a special discount. Please note that your registration form will need to be received in order to receive this discount.

For more information or for a registration packet please contact Yael at or call 1-212-633-2143.