Winter Renewal in Tuscany

Yamuna® Winter Renewal in Tuscany

 For the first time the Yamuna® Retreat will be held in the winter which is a beautiful contemplative time in Tuscany. Escape the winter blues and enjoy meditative walks through the forests and on the beach in your free time. Start the new year reflective, quiet and clear with what positive changes you want to include in your life for 2017. Set your goals and utilize this retreat to get your body and mind in top form for the year.

The Yamuna® Winter Renewal Retreat includes:

 *Daily morning breathing class, followed by foot fitness, and daily focus classes on rebuilding and aligning every part of your body.  4 hours each morning.

 *All meals are based on a healthy Tuscan diet and can also be modified for your needs.


-Lunch, accompanied by a daily cooking class to teach you healthy ways to begin to improve your eating habits.


Afternoons are for individual healing sessions and walks in the forest or on the beach.

*Afternoon daily clay treatments, choosing from anti- inflammatory, detox,or circulatory formulations

*Daily signature hands-on therapeutic Yamuna® treatment based on your needs and goals.

*Transfers to and from Pisa

 Also available:

Awareness films, meditation, quiet time and a good night sleep

WHEN: January 28-February 4, 2017

Fee: 6000euro

Maximum # of participants: 6

Note: The Winter Renewal is led by advanced senior Yamuna® practitioners; Lorena Duran Pascual and Silvia Bernardini who have been assisting Yamuna during the summer retreats.