LIVE Save Your Hips and Pelvis with Yamuna (April 1st in Quarantine)


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Stop Stressing your Hip Joints! Your hip joint is where your thigh bone connects to your pelvis. This is a joint with tremendous potential for holding our torso with strength, and energy upright, connecting us also firmly through our legs to our feet and the earth. It is unfortunately an area which we load with tremendous pressure from above and from our legs and feet below. A very common problem that causes us to lose space in the abdomen is a shortening of the hip flexors. Spin classes and long distance cycling and running with the torso in front of the pelvis can also cause a shortness in the hip flexors. This maintained contraction not only causes a loss of abdominal space for the internal organs, it also contracts the adductors pulling the thighs in. This can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, dropped organs, and pulling down on the diaphragm and the ribcage. The amount of lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain and finally the slow wearing out of the joint winding up in hip replacements is mainly caused by simply not having the information you need to be able to do all the activities you love without stressing this joint. This class will teach you what this joint needs to maintain it's full range of motion and balance, and ease of movement.

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