We have spent years working to find the best ball for working the anatomy with detail. It is not about a big ball, a foam roller, a tennis or gold ball. It is about precision and safety and how to get the most out of a ball and your self study of anatomy.

The Yamuna® black ball is the correct size and has the perfect density and  resistance to work in  most of the muscles of the body with great detail. We recommend this ball for the muscles of the legs, shoulders and arms. The gold ball is the ball we suggest for beginning to work the muscles of the back and the abdomen and chest. Once the body is accustomed to working the back with the gold ball, you can attempt to use the black ball for working with more precision when working the back muscles.

The gold and pearl ball are always the suggested balls for the anterior torso. The pearl ball is suggested for shorter people under 5ft 2inches or with very narrow hips and pulled down rib cages. If you go to use the gold ball to work the abdomen and you find it is immediately pressing into the ribcage, then switch to the pearl ball.

The Yamuna® Foot Savers are the best tool for working the plantar foot and palm side of the hand muscles.