What is a Yamuna Body School?

Whenever anyone comes to me with any of the common aches and pains that most people will complain of at some point in their lives, I always say, “Remember, you did this to yourself.” After years of working with people to help them solve their body problems, I decided that what people really need is a Body School. We go to school to learn problem solving and other skills, but when it comes to our bodies we are really quite helpless. Most people the minute they feel any pain run to the specialist. In many cases, you think the specialist let you down because the problem was not resolved in one or more visits. After watching so many people expect others to fix them, I decided what people really need is to sign up for one Body School. It is life changing because in 4-5 days you learn your basic anatomy, and you learn how to align your body and problem solve in almost every joint. I decided that the Yamuna® Body School had to be super easy to understand and logical so that it makes sense to every attendee. Since I am always thinking about how to stay younger and maintain the body, I organize the Body School in order of what I feel is most important for your general health and longevity. The most important areas to focus on are taught every morning so that you retain them and can easily continue the work at home. Repetition helps the body and mind to remember and you also notice the results quicker.

Sample Schedule for a Yamuna® Body School:

4 Days, 4 hours daily

Day 1

First Hour: Breath Work

Every day begins with one hour of breathing. You learn how to use your breath to build inner strength, vitality, and endurance. You learn how to expand your breath from the inside out releasing old built up tension. You increase your lung expansion and by doing this you improve circulation, oxygenate your blood and improve heart function.

Second Hour: Foot Fitness

Every day we focus on building strong healthy functional feet. We start with the basics of foot alignment and function and then each day we add more concentrated work to help people improve all kinds of the most common foot problems as well as the more difficult ones. Since the feet are the foundation for the entire body the foot work is also taught every day. Taking care of your feet equals taking care of the rest of your body! I believe that when you know how to take care of your feet, you should be able to wear any shoe you desire and not feel achy after.

You will leave Body School knowing exactly how to take care of your feet. This is major for your quality of life and longevity. People often wait for the “Golden Years” and then they can hardly get around. Start now and watch how your health in general improves as you add Foot Fitness into your life.

Third & Fourth Hours:

Each day we focus on a different body theme. The first day we usually focus on working the body from the hips to the feet aligning and working all the muscles from the hips, to the knees, and from the knees back down to the ankles and feet. Bringing balance to all the muscles of the legs allows the legs to work better and stay connected to your feet and hips. You will learn how to heal any knee and ankle problem as well as free your hips.

Day 2: The focus moves up to focus on the hips and pelvis and how to stabilize the hips and keep the pelvis well aligned. This focus begins to work into the abdomen working the hip flexors as well as the deeper muscles of the hips and the strong gluteus muscles that support the pelvis and the hips from the back. This is usually a very powerful class for most people who have lower back and hip problems. It’s great for everyone because you see just how much more mobility you should be able to have. With this class, I promise that there really should never need to be as many hip replacements as there presently are. Just a little pro-active work on your hips and you can avoid all the old age restriction that so many people have.

Day 3: The Focus is on How to Save Your Lower, Middle, and Upper back. The information and work about what each part of your back needs to fully function and stay aligned, flexible and strong is covered. People are impressed at how easy it really is to take care of their own backs. People are amazed at how quickly their lower back problems improve, and once the lower back begins working correctly the rest of the spine can begin to align and lengthen upward. No more shrinking as you age, is what is experienced in this session. As the yogis say, “A healthy flexible spine is essential for a healthy long life.”

Day 4: Since we have been building the body upward, the next area that is a common trouble spot is the shoulder. So many people have shoulder problems at one point in their lives.  Unfortunately most people learn to live with limited shoulder movement. This class shows you how to rebuild your shoulders and free up all the restriction. The shoulder work is very easy to do and so much of it can be done at the edge of your bed. Say goodbye to shoulder problems after this session.

At the end of the 4 days there is a question and answer time so that anything that was not clear can be explained again. We also review everything that was taught during the 4 days.

People leave empowered knowing how to take care of their bodies. They also leave flying with freedom in their bodies that they never even imagined was possible. Younger, more energized, and happier are how most people return home.

This is definitely recommended once in a life time, but because it feels so good, most people want to come back once a year. What they find, is how much they missed the first time and how much more new information they go home with each consecutive Body School attended.

Fees include everything but flight, alcohol, local excursions and private treatments (unless noted)

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