Become a Certified Practitioner

The core of YAMUNA® Education is to help people make healthy body choices in order to prevent injury and common breakdown, so they can maintain healthy and freely moving bodies at every age.


Join the growing number of professionals who choose the YAMUNA® trainings as their  continuing education choice of preference. Adding a YAMUNA® training to your present  practice will enhance your knowledge and skill. The work can easily be integrated into any other technique that you offer. 

All of the certification trainings emphasize working anatomically correctly and in  synchronization with the natural order of movement in the body and are based on the following principles:

  • Creation of optimal space throughout the body which restores the range of motion in all joints
  • Stimulation of bone
  • Exertion of traction on muscles to create space
  • Reorganization of the body structure to optimize its function. 

To learn more about a focused training, please click on the appropriate link below. 

Body Logic
Body Rolling
Foot Fitness
Save Face 
Table Treatment 
Yamuna Yoga