What is a Yamuna Retreat?

The most luxurious of all of the YAMUNA®  offerings is THE RETREAT.  It is offered in the most beautiful locations in the world with the highest quality accommodations and services. We only accept a maximum of 10 people. Each person fills out a detailed body and food questionnaire so that Yamuna, personally along with her most trained staff can help each person achieve his/her desired goals during this week. Though the morning classes are still 4 hours daily, within each class we are focusing on each guest and what her body needs during each class session. Because the Retreat is 7 days, the morning classes become much more detailed depending on the needs of the individual guests. There is normally 3 practitioners to 10 guests so there is lots of hands on attention throughout the classes.
Each afternoon, each guest receives a hands-on session of one of Yamuna’s proprietary treatments. The treatments vary depending on what the person needs and how she improves along the way. In Tuscany there are also healing clay treatments each afternoon. In India, we combine all the Yamuna® work with Ayurvedic medicine. An Ayurvedic doctor along with Yamuna work very closely to make sure the combination of both works are doing the absolute best for each person. All treatments are individualized.
The Yamuna® Retreat is highly recommended when you need to heal and are looking for deep and lasting life changes. We normally have a 70% repeat guest rate. People really see the positive changes and want to go deeper and deeper. The amazing thing about the YAMUNA work is that once you begin, your body does not forget. Each new session you attend your body improves from where you last reached.
Fees include everything but flight, alcohol and local excursions
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