Professional Anatomy U Training Program

Adding this anatomy training to your practice will bring you a great tool when working with your client and patients helping them to problem solve with a visual and practical format. This anatomy program helps you to teach them how to be proactive and be part of their own problem solving journey. You will be raising the quality of your practice. People want to see, and understand and be proactive when there is a problem in their bodies. Being able to show a person the muscles in a body part and  how to work each one enabling the person to be part of his problem solving is huge.

 What the Anatomy Lab will provide you:

  • You will learn how to work each muscle in every module from origin to insertion and really learn how these muscles feel and function through experience not book or dissection classes.
  • You will learn how to begin the problem solving journey making the determination of how to choose the next muscle to work based on : knowledge of the injury, if any, range of motion restriction, where and how within the joint, present workout, assessing form, function, and restriction within the exercises where restriction is felt.
  • You will learn how to demonstrate and explain to clients which muscles to begin working on and have the ability to send them the specific muscles to be worked.
  • You will learn how to use Anatomy Lab as part of your personal training sessions with clients to start a session and demonstrate improved function when muscles are identified and awakened prior to training.
  • You will learn how to teach a group fitness class using the Anatomy U modules to educate more people at once. It is easy to offer these classes as self help offerings.
  • You will be provided with a written manual for each segment of the training to use as your anatomy guide to problem solving for yourself and your clients.


*Each Anatomy Lab is taught in 3 days. Each module is 18 hours of study

*Each muscle is explored within the app, each person has time to explore how to use the program to view the muscle from every angle to best help other understand the function and location of a muscle.

  • The hands-on practice of using a module will be done in group studies to make sure every student can easily work the Anatomy U program
  • Each participant will learn how to experientially work each muscle within the module and record the messages they receive from each muscle as it is worked.

*Problem solving for each muscle is studied.

*Understanding of  the fitness choices of  each client/patient and how to determine which order of muscles to work based on the activities most practiced by the client the client.

  • Learn how to use the Anatomy U program during rehab to more rapidly assist rehabilitation
  • Q&A sessions during the study of each muscle.


Exploration of the shoulder and upper arm muscles

Exploration of the muscles of the forearm into the hand

Exploration of the Posterior and Anterior  muscles - from pelvis to feet

The Back (posterior)

The Abdomen and Chest




This manual will become the “go to” anatomy resource for practical solutions when working with your students , clients/ patients. It was written as a general guideline for how to work individual muscles and groups of muscle towards successfully problem solving and improving the human structure.  It is meant to open up the minds of those people working with the structure to become open to the possibility of improving the quality and range of motion and helping people to live unstuck lives. The you learn how to work and mobilize every muscle in the body, you help people to realize their true potential.

This manual will help you to quickly work a muscle, assess its relationship to restricted movement of a joint, and quickly begin the problem solving journey it helps facilitate.

Specific name calling of problems associated to an area are not addressed. The general problem solving section includes many problems that can be located within the general name. It is AnatomyU’s philosophy that when you work each muscle to restore its alignment and function, you ultimately improve range of motion and space within joints and solve most problems without ever having to give them a name.

The manual is only available to those who sign up for the trainings. The specific manuals for each module will only be given out to those registered for the training.

Beginning late 2016: Anatomy Lab Workshops:

Not sure learning anatomy is for you? Do you have a strong interest in self healing and problem solving? Do you have restrictions in your body that no-one quite seems to know how to help you with? Are you interested in longevity and maintaining your structure throughout your life? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, then it just might be great for you to sign up for one of these 4 hour workshops and begin your self study within your own body.

This is a great way to start your Anatomy Lab exploration. If you are a professional and not sure you are ready to invest in our entire anatomy program to boost your professional level, and just want to get a feel for just how you can use this program, then start here.

What you get in this 4 hour class:

  • One AnatomyU module will be taught.

  • You will learn how to find, and feel and work each muscle individually within a module.

  • You will learn how to determine which muscle to choose next to work on to problem solve within your body.

  • You will learn how to increase your body awareness and listen to each muscle as it begins to give you information.

  • You will receive hands-on guided classes by a certified Yamuna instructor.

  • You will receive CEU’s

 4 Hour Anatomy Workshop module choices:

  • Posterior - from the pelvis to the foot

  • Anterior - From pelvis to the foot

  • Shoulder

  • Upper arm and forearm