I created Anatomy U because I believe the best way to learn about how the muscles and other soft tissue move the body is through experiencing this first hand in your own laboratory, YOUR BODY.  Learning about muscles from a book, or dissection does not give you the sensations live muscles CAN when they are palpated and worked from their origins to insertions, in their natural order.

Anatomy U makes your body your self study. You learn to feel how your muscles communicate with you and give you valuable information to be able to problem solve while feeling the interconnectedness of muscles in an area and actually far from the muscle being worked. As your body is feeling the sensation of the muscle you are working, your mind is processing the information being received. This allows you to develop your problem solving skills in your own body and then be able to translate this if you work with other people professionally.

Anatomy U is divided into modules and each module contains all the muscles of a specific area of the body. Let’s say you wanted to explore the muscles of your posterior leg. You would click on this segment and begin to work each muscle one at a time. After working each muscle it is suggested to observe, feel, and move the  part of the body the muscle is in to see what changes you feel from working the muscle. It is suggested to lie down after working a muscle to feel it and its effect on the whole body first. Then stand to feel the effects from an upright position. Next, you choose another muscle in this module and watch how you build this body part to stand taller, freer and with greater range of motion. 

What better way is there to get your body into its best working potential than to do it yourself and learn your anatomy as you go.

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