10 most common menopausal symptoms you can prevent.

Written By Yamuna Zake - March 29 2017


April 23 2020

Hi Yamuna, where can I find your blog on Vaginal changes and ways to keep your vagina toned, and naturally lubricated that you mentioned you would write about please? I’ve been suffering some of the menopause symptoms I didn’t know I could have prevented or treated before…. thank you!

Marla Schultz
May 13 2018

Hi Yamuna,
Just discovered you, your balls & your blog! I’m past meno, workout pilates, walking, elliptical and have a myriad of injuries shoulder- torn rotator cuff, bicep, nerve pain down from neck to tennis elbow from herniated disc in neck due to car accident. Ok not going blab on about injuries but I had epidural in back oct 17, past modalities to release weren’t working. Mini tear in butt /top of hamstring, set me back and still working thru pain, icing everything and here I am devouring your website. Actively looking for practitioner in NYC!
p.s Your blog on preventing meno symptoms doesn’t list what you should do. If missing something apologies. Also I’m on HRT which I believe you’re not a fan of? Thank you for your website!

Yamuna Zake
March 27 2018

Hi Helene, The Yamuna Save Your Shoulders DVD and the shoulder work from the In Bed series should really help you a great deal. Go to the website to find this education. www.yamunausa.com

Yamuna Zake
July 05 2017

This is for Mary. It sounds like you live a healthy lifestyle. One of the issues is that you were on HRT meds for awhile and so the body can take years to regulate itself. It needs help doing this. Have you spoken to a nutritionist, homeopath, or herbalist about this? i actually never experienced hot flashes but I did start preparing for menopause at 40. I had seen so many women suffer over the years in my practice that I knew that I would simply not do that. I have seen my work using direct bone stimulation help women reduce their menopausal symptoms. Direct bone stimulation to the pubic bone, the pelvis in general, and the feet, and spine will stimulation the body to begin to normalize.

Mary Dineen
June 09 2017

I’m 65, & have been having hot flashes for 16 years, after stopping HRT because of a cancer diagnosis. I haven’t found anything that helps. I’m active-do Pilates, ride horses, walk the dog. We eat well-my sister complains there’s nothing to eat (aka junk food) in my house. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yamuna Zake
May 02 2017

Helene, all the In Bed with Yamuna Shoulder segment can help you to radically boost the healing time of the FS. Begin with the routine with the arm hanging at the side of the bed.

Helene Van Manen
April 02 2017

I am healing a frozen shoulder. If you have more info about FS can you send me info on where to access that? Thanks.

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