What is the job of your pelvic floor

Written By Yamuna Zake - May 10 2017


Vanessa Keiper
March 02 2019

I’m a massage therapist who works in a physical therapy clinic, and recommend your foot wakers and videos to clients weekly. It has been my desire for several years to take the intensive course offered in the summer, but time or finances have prohibited it. The work you have developed is so powerful,and teaching people how to care for their own body is very rewarding. But, the move you demonstrate on the pelvic floor video is not something that most of my clients could even attempt. The patient that needs this the most is over 70, moderately over weight, and Not fit, strong or flexible because she has hadsevere pelvic floor issues for many years. How would you modify this movement to help someone like her? Start with a very large ball? I would Really appreciate a detailed response, as I have been working with this client for months. And, although my work gives her relief, improvement is what I’m hoping for.

krystal chinoy
March 04 2018

Will someone please call me. I have several questions before purchasing. My cell is 8166066854. Please don’t email. I would prefer a personal phone call where we can speak freely.v
Thank you

Maritza rubio
February 14 2018

I need help for my legs and feet’s please

Madelyn Mark
August 13 2017

Spot on a usual.

My husband has also given this clip some serious attention and has already viewed it numerous times. He is a bit frustrated because he says males have at least as many pelvic floor issues as women and no one is coherently dealing with them.

He says that the only one he would trust to guide him with that part of his body is you, but you are only talking to women.

Is there any chance you could create a protocol that would address male issues associated with the pelvic floor muscles and also how ball rolling could be used to mitigate the effects of an enlarged prostate?

July 29 2017

Dear Yamuna,

I want to thank you for all you do.
I started reading your blog recently. After pregnancy; after months of doing wrong kind of fitness, knee injuries, back problems, I’m realizing what i really need to do with my body now.
You opened my eyes and inspired to build healthy body like you do.
I wish i could visit your classes personally some day.
Thank you!

Yamuna Zake
July 05 2017

Dear Larisa, Thank you for reading the Yamuna Women’s blog. i am hoping more and more women come to this blog so we can all share and help each other.

May 10 2017

It is beautiful, Yamuna! My englisch is bad. I really like that you wrote the article. I will undestand you easier. I like your practice. Thank you!!

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