The 10 pounds you never needed

Written By Yamuna Zake - March 30 2017


Yvette palmer
January 01 2019

I want to learn what I have to do to lose the pounds and get my body in better shape. I am in menopause and dealing with osteopenia.

November 24 2017

This makes so much sense! Reactivating my feet with your footballs has literally changed the course of late middle age for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’m happy to be moving forward in less pain and with an improved attitude thanks to YBR.

Yamuna Zake
July 05 2017

Dear Helene, There are just so many ways to boost the metabolism of specific body parts to get the entire body recharged and functioning for us again. Weight gain simply is not always associated with calories eaten and burned. The fitness myth is too shallow and it simply does not work when women are in menopause. You need to reactivate your feet, hands, spine, and abdomen and watch how the body begins to wake up again. For many women these parts have been asleep because in our lives we tend to impact all our body parts until they simply begin to slow down.

May 16 2017

Yamuna knows how women’s bodies work and don’t work. We can learn a lot from her about choosing to take some control over how we feel inside our own bodies.

Helene Van Manen
April 02 2017

I love hearing this commentary on body weight and how to use your techniques to help with metabolism. I am following you now to learn more.

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