Written By Yamuna Zake - March 27 2018


October 16 2019

After a rolfer relieved my plantar fasciitis and introduced me to Yamuna Footwakers 6 years ago, I have used them every single day and have never had another PF problem. But now, thru overuse, I have a partial plantar plate tear. I have gone thru standard protocol of taping 2nd toe and wearing a boot. Thinking the foot wakers might be the next step. Do you have experience/ advice with plantar plate tear healing?

December 16 2018

I have a Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot. Will your program help with this?

Sandra Hughes
December 10 2018

I have the same comment from the Sept 2018 question about finding the info online as I no longer have anything on which to play a DVD. Thanks!

Roberta Bendavid
September 11 2018

I just received my foot fitness products and a DVD. I have no way to play this. Is it possible to send the instructions on line or is there someone in New York City that could instruct me on how to use them? Thanks

Helena Ekholm
July 20 2018

Hi, I would like to buy Foot Savers but I live in Finland and that’s why I’m not able to buy them. Would it possible somehow to buy them? Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards Helena Ekholm

Maritza rubio
April 03 2018

How Can I get a treatment with you please

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