Pre-Pregnancy - What helps you decide?

Written By Yamuna Zake - March 29 2017


Yamuna Zake
March 27 2018

There is new research out that says that men need to prepare just as women do for helping create a healthy child. It is important that you get your body back into shape but also know that your partner has to eat well and detox to help ensure the baby is as healthy as possible.

You need to restore your pelvis and all the supporting muscles to feel strong throughout your pregnancy. You can do this by focusing on creating a strong and flexible pelvic floor. You also need to lift the bladder and intestines so that all your internal organs are back in their proper places so that during the pregnancy the organs don’t drop even further. When you push a baby out so do all your internal organs begin to drop. To get pregnant again without getting your body back in shape can make recovering from the second child’s birth much more difficult. It is not about going to the gym. It is about rebuilding your body so the body is not collapsing down into the pelvis. hips and legs. we can help you with this.

May 10 2017

YES!! I cannot tell you how many people are encouraging me to get pregnant again and when I say I’m working on making my body stronger and better through alignment, nutrition and lifestyle changes — they think im crazy! Thanks for the support.

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